New Horizons for Macktiles

Macktiles is expanding its manufacturing capacity using integrated, advanced Italian technology to become Sri Lanka’s No. 1 largest tile manufacturer. Macktiles’ vision has always been to be the most sought-after tile provider in the region and has invested in innovation and technology to ease construction efficiency with industry-revolutionizing construction design solutions.


From Import to Export

Sri Lanka has always depended on the importation of quality tiles for the consumer market, but a battered economy, ongoing forex crisis, and looming global recession have brought Sri Lanka’s import market to a standstill. Recognizing Sri Lanka’s potential in having an abundance of quality natural mineral resources, combined with a way to assist the economy and the market demand in such a dire time, Macktiles has taken the initiative to turn Sri Lanka into a tile exporting nation, meeting local demand and exporting quality tiles sourced and manufactured in Sri Lanka.


Expanding Greatness

Macktiles is fully committed in establishing a self-sufficient local tile production using the world’s leading tile production technology. This plan will enable Macktiles to reach an overall production capacity of over 44,000 square meters on a daily basis. All machinery is from SACMI & Systems, the world’s finest in Italian technology.


Sourced from Home

Sri Lanka is home to an abundance of natural resources, which are mostly untapped. 80% of all raw materials sourced are from Sri Lanka. Zirconium, Silica, Ball Clay, and Kaolin are processed to manufacture the highest quality tile imaginable, only utilizing the frits and glazes from Italy and Spain, conforming to the international standards ISO 9001:2008, SLS Certification, and Green Label Certification.

Macktiles is proud to be able to assist the Sri Lankan economy and the Sri Lankan people at this time of need. Such expansions would not only bring valuable, much-needed foreign exchange into the country but also prevents an outflow of it as well. Macktiles’ vision of global expansion is on the horizon, bringing high-quality Sri Lankan products to the world.

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